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LUCAN Pharma Pvt. Ltd. – a pharma marketing company with a group turnover of Rs. 15 crores, for going a head in Delhi, Western & Eastern Uttar Pradesh.

Founded in year 2016 by Mr. R. Vikram, & Archana Verma, MD, Chairman. The organization has metamorphosed to line of the fastest growing companies, within a short span of time company has spread from one state to other states of Northern India – New Delhi, Western & Eastern Uttar Pradesh. Today company markets with twenty five fast moving brands practically covering diabetes care & neuro segments.

A pharma company that meets cream of medical practitioners like endo-chronologist, consulting physicians, cardiologist, orthopedicians, nuerophysician, nuerosurgeon & other super-specialist. The company has a strong presence in premium and chain hospitals

All the brands of LUCAN Pharma are available on central pharmacies.

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